Fresh smelling wardrobes for apartments in College Park GA

Like we are using home sprays and room fresheners to keep the rooms for our apartments in College Park GA fresh, what are we doing to keep our wardrobe fresh and smell brilliant? When spraying from the bottle of room freshener the smell does not penetrate inside the wardrobe, which is why the wardrobe does not smell good neither the clothes.  There are various commercial sprays which are available to sprays as well as hand in the wardrobe and the cupboard to make it smell nice. If you want to experiment with the smell try out certain items from your kitchen and toilet.

  • Coffee- freshly ground coffee in the wardrobe makes the wardrobe smell fresh. Put the coffee powder in a container and put is lid. Prick the lid to allow the smell of coffee to circulate in the wardrobe. Change the coffee in the wardrobe once a month.
  • A bar of soap- fragrant soap bars can make your cupboard smell fresh. Bar soaps are available widely. You can make your own home made soap. Cover it with a thin piece of paper and prick on it. Place it under the clothes or hang it inside the wardrobe and see how fresh your wardrobe feels. If you want a stronger smell put your clothes in small boxes and put each box these soaps to make your clothes smell fragrant.
  • Spray perfume onto the cotton balls- there are curtains perfumes which we do not use much. You can use them for your cupboard. Spray a good amount on the cotton ball and leave it on the shelves and drawers.
  • Herbs in breathable bags- put your favourite herb in breathable bags. Lemon grass, lavender, cardamoms are some mostly used herbs which smell the best.
  • Wood – yes don’t be surprised. There are some wood which smell great. Sandal wood is among one of them. You can get it at the hardware store or you can check the lumberyard too. For spicy rich smell you must give this a try.
  • Vinegar too is a great option for fresh smelling wardrobes. Along with wardrobes if you are in hurry and you need a wear a shirt which you have already put in the machine. Take it out, spray it with vinegar and allow it to dry under the fan and you are ready to go.

Make your own spray at apartments in College Park GA with your favourite essential oil.  Vinegar too is a great option for fresh smelling wardrobes.